1. Type of card (ie, birthday, father's day, etc):

2. Title and/or number (on this site) of card:    

3. I want the stock card, as is , or I wish to personalize the card as follows:

a) Replace text shown on the standard card with:


b) Recipient's name (to appear in card):

c) Sender's name (to appear in card):

Please include only the text you would like changed.

Front cover:



To change picture on card, email me a photo to replace photo on standard card or a photo for portrait illustration (attach pdf, jpeg or gif file)

d) Insert special illustration(s) - describe the drawing fully


e) Customize the card (change background or layout, modify an existing drawing, or order a completely new design) by doing this (describe fully, or call Lucas at 514-264-5825 if you prefer to explain in person):


4.My name:

My phone number:

in order to confirm or clarify changes.

5. Send the card by:

    regular mail
    Express Mail

6. Send card to:

    directly to the card recipient

7. Recipient's Complete mailing address:


8. Recipient's Email address (optional):

9. Return address on the envelope (if sent directly to recipient)


10. I need the card to arrive by (date)
(allow 2 weeks time to personalize, plus 1 week for delivery. For customized cards, delivery time is arranged with you and depends on revisions.)

11. My price:

  1. Number of cards wanted (volume discount available):

    • Mini (2x3) $2 each

    • Regular (stock card on site, as is) (5x7) $3 each

    • Large (8x10) $8 each

  2. Personalized card
    (includes inserting text change and photo or object) $25/card
    (or $35 if wanted by express mail, $55 by FedEx courier).

  3. Customized card (starting at $125 for each custom panel). Send me an estimate after receiving my request

12. Please choose one of the following payment methods:


Paypal is secure and FREE for buyers. You can use your credit card or withdraw directly from your bank account. Once your order has been confirmed, Lucas will email you a PayPal invoice.

Mail a cheque or money order payable to:

Lucas Fehr 6 - 3610 rue de Rouen
Montréal, Québec
Canada H1W 1M3

(note: no orders will be confirmed until payment has been received.)